Katie Lumene
Marriage & Family Therapist

Hello! My name is Katie! I look forward to getting to know you and experiencing this journey alongside you. I often tell my clients that you are in the driver’s seat, and I am there to help guide and direct you, but ultimately, we are in this together. 

As people, we may have had experiences that impact our interactions with other individuals. Such experiences may create responses that protect us from the pains of our past. My goal is to help you have a better understanding and appreciation for all pieces of yourself. 

The models of therapy that I often utilize are Satir Growth Model, Experiential Therapy, Bowen Therapy, and Internal Family Systems Theory. Although these are the primary models of therapy that I use, I am trained in other models of therapy. This, along with my consistent endeavor to learn as a therapist, allows me to better cater to the needs of you as a person. My training took place at Friends University in marriage and family therapy. 

I am now offering remote sessions within the state of Kansas. 

I look forward to journeying with you.